We offer Modern and contemporary developments and building services for all your home and business projects.

Our comprehensive range of professional building services includes development of design ideas, building plans, Planning Permission and Building Approval applications to all construction, extension, conversion and installation.

Loft and Garage Conversions

Loft Conversions and Garage Conversions are an ideal way of increase the living area of your home, without eating into your valuable garden space. Loft Conversions are a guaranteed way of increasing the value of your home by turning your unused attic into a stylish new living space. Whereas, many people never use their garage for the purpose it was designed and the space can, therefore, be better used in other ways. Part of the garage or the entire garage can be converted to living space.

When we work on your Loft ,Garage, or extension we always ensure that the disturbance to your household is kept to an absolute minimum. With a Loft Conversion we will, wherever possible bring all of the building materials and equipment directly up into the loft by crane and scaffolding rather than through your home. With an extension it is usually very easy to keep your living area separate from the building work by use of temporary partitioning.


Building an extension is the simplest and most popular way of creating additional space within your home. Not all extensions require Planning Approval; you may be able to build your extension under a Certificate of Lawfulness. Provided one of the above has been granted, an extension can be built as large as is practical.

When we build an extension we always ensure minimum disruption to you and your home. Wherever possible, we will separate the living area from the building work for as long as we can and will complete the project within the agreed timeframe.

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